Testing center

            Testing Center for van-building products (TC PV) is a structural unit of DP “UkrNDIV”, which has been  testing railway cars and their components since 1963. In the course of its activities TC PV gained a great prestige and became  the undisputed leader in testing of railway facilities and underground rolling stock.
TC PVof DP “UkrNDIV” is always aiming at securing the high quality of services for its customers – to test product samples by insuring credibility, objectivity and accuracy of test results in compliance with regulatory documents.
           TC PV would not have achieved such significant results if the team didn’t consolidate their efforts to reach  the goal – “to guarantee the high quality of  services for its customers” by ensuring the credibility,objectivity and accuracy of test results.
TC PV was successfully accredited by  the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) for compliance with  ДСТУ EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2019. 
           Non-destructive testing laboratory, the research laboratory for testing of mechanical and chemical properties of the metal passed the certification procedure and obtained the authorization to carry on hazardous works within the period from 07.08.2009. to 07.08.2014 .