Regarding the number of participants framework agreement

Number of participants framework agreement is defined by the rules established by part four of Article 13 of the Act, namely:

– In the case of a framework agreement with one participant noted the number “1” as the number of participants;

According to Article 10 of the Law, paragraph 15 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 04.07. 2012 № 603. item 7.1 Features conclude framework agreements, approved by the Ministry of Economic Development 24.04.2012 № 504 from each customer, which is party to the framework agreement, after the conclusion of each of the procurement contract on the basis and under the conditions specified framework agreement concluded by the results of the procurement procedure shall provide for the publication of the following information: 1) the announcement of the results of the procurement procedure – not later than seven days after the conclusion of the purchase; 2) report on the results of the procurement procedure – within 3 working days after approval and in any case after publication of the announcement of the results of the procurement procedure, information on which is noted in the report.

It should be noted that in the case of general customer procurement procedure for a framework agreement in the interests of customers, the duty of disclosure of said information is entrusted by law to customers who are parties to the Framework Agreement.

However, according to the seventh part of Article 13 of the customer (general customer) within seven working days after the framework agreement provides for disclosure in accordance with Article 10 hereof ads with information about the concluded framework agreement. Thus, in the case of the procurement procedure in the interest of the client general customers, said information disclosure obligation incumbent on the General Law of the customer.

Deputy Director
public procurement and public order