Quality Management System


Quality Management Policy of Testing Center for Van-building products of DP“UkrNDIV”

 Quality Management System of Testing Center is an integral part of the overall quality management strategy of DP “UkrNDIV”.

Motto of Testing Center is to work as one team for the benefit of society:

Credibility and objectivity of tests results speak for the quality of our work”

 Strategic aim is the evolution of TC to meet the needs and expectations of manufacturers of railway vehicles, and those who operate them by carrying out a series of tests  to meet the specified parameters and thus, holding its positions in the world market. 

Intended targets for 2017 in quality management:

– to ensure job stability and high quality of testing;

– to ensure customer’s  satisfaction and evaluation of the results by means of a questionnaire;

  quality assurance at all stages of the work (monitoring at all stages of tests performance);

– improvement of TC job  performance compared to 2016;

– provision of high quality services and test work in compliance with ДСТУ ISO / IEC 17025:2006;

  to obtain authorization for hazardous works; 

– to accomplish the Activity Plans approved for 2017 to the full extent;

 renewal of fixed assets of SE “UkrNDIV” by 2%;

– realization of the plan for TC employees training and education in the amount of 100%

– to ensure the efficiency of the management system of Testing  Center. 

The aims and objectives are achieved by a means of:

– continuous analysis of activities and improvement of existing Quality Management System and its efficiency;

– providing customers with high quality services (carrying out of tests) in compliance with regulatory requirements and within set time limits;

– prevention of nonconformity during tests performance;

   continuous enhancement of the skill level of TC employees, their motivation, clarification of the objectives of Quality System Policy;

 clear definition of  functions, rights and responsibilities of each employee of TC for the quality of performed work;

– Improvement of service delivery using advanced national and world-wide achievements (development of new test methods with a use of new computer devices and measuring equipment);

  better working conditions and social protection of employees;

– creative approach to solving problems and creating of job conditions encouraging teamwork with a high level of competence and performance;

  systematic analysis and planning of the Quality Management System development;

– a clear segregation of functional responsibilities in all areas of activities.

Quality management aspects are of a high priority in each unit of TC for all categories of employees – from the Head of Testing Center to the ordinary employee.

 The quality of the TC job is the quality of tests, the basis for the economic stability of the enterprise . The quality will be really high when TC activities improve the lives of people who live and work nearby and use railway vehicles. 

Managers of TC assume responsibilities to observe the rules of professional conduct and to ensure high quality and impartiality while carrying out tests of the rolling stock within approved scope of accreditation, continuously improve efficiency of the management system.

The Managers and employees take on the obligation to observe the guidelines of this Quality Management Policy and procedures of Quality Management System and comply with requirements of ДСТУ ISO/ IEC 17025:2006.