Certification Body

Certification Body for railway car building products (OS PV) of State Enterprise “Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute” (OS PV DP “UkrNDIV” started certification of railway products in 1997.

OS PVof DP “UkrNDIV” was appointed the certification body in accordance with the Act of Derzhspozivstandart of Ukraine of 04.08.2014. and authorized to carry out certification works on products and services produced by national manufacturers in national certification system UkrSEPRO (registration No UA.P.098) and certification of foreign-made products in UkrSEPRO (registration No UA.РN.098).

Quality Control System of Certification Body is certified by Kremenchuk branch of CB QMS “Poltava-standardmetrology”. Certification Body holds QMS Certificate № UA 2.039.04815-10 of 6.08.2010, registered in UkrSEPRO Certification System Register and valid through 06.08, 2015 on certification of products in compliance with the Law of Ukraine, Article 11 ”On the Railway Transport” of 04.07.1996.