R&D group №2

Research Unit for analytical forecasting, branch development and publishing №2

Acting unit head is Hladkykh Inna Valentynivna

Tel:(05366) 6-01-42

Core functions of Research Unit №2 :

-research and analytical activities on design, operation and upgrading of rail rolling stock. The results of the analytical activities are presented in the form of conclusions, recommendations, analytical statements and reports.

– methodical renewal of scientific-technical data collection with national and foreign documents.

-introduction of reference aids for regulatory documents on railway vehicles, tests methods and technical diagnostics.

– elaboration of analytics and information reports on current problems of railway rolling stock development

– publishing

Employees are experienced in following areas of work:

-preparation of monthly analytics reports including primary news on enterprise’s activities with the aid of national and foreign reference data in Internet;

-publishing on subject-specific themes;

-hard-and soft-cover bookbinding;

– scientific and technical assistance on classification, updating and copy propagation of branch regulatory documents, drafted in DP “UkrNDIV”.


DP “UkrNDIV” as the main standardization body (ГОС 57) in railway sector in research and development fields “Freight wagons building” (the Order of MinMashProm of Ukraine of July 31, 1992 № 98) and “Passenger railway car-building” (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine  №703 of October11,1994) is authorized to arrange, retain, file, update and propagate copies of branch regulatory documents within a scope of ГОС 57 nomenclature “Railway facilities”.