R&D lab. № 6.7

Research Laboratory for scientific and experimental fatigue tests of railway equipment  6.7

Head of Research Lab.  6.7 is Bahrov Oleksandr Mykolaiovych

 Tel .: (05366) 6-11-80, (095) 381-35-29

Main areas of laboratory activities: 

  1. Certification, preliminary, qualification, periodic, typical and other routine tests of-following components and assembly units of railway equipment:
  • a side bogie frame and a bogie bolster of a freight wagon;
  • a bogie frame and a bogie bolster of a passenger car, a subway car, a street car, etc; 
  • coupler casting and other cast components of automatic coupling;
  • front and rear draft lugs of the coupler;
  •  coupler key;
  • swinging and non –swinging shoes;
  • coupler joke;
  • center coupler draft gear, center coupler draft gear housing
  • air reservoir;
  • cylindrical spiral spring;
  • wheel;
  • wheel tread;
  • wheel center hub;
  • Car axle;
  • rack bars and track structure, etc.,
  1. Fatigue and static testsof assembly units and components of railway equipment.
  2. Research on strain-stress state of items (componentss and assemblies) for spring-loaded deflections by strain-gage method with determination of strength parameters.
  3. Non-destructive testing of components of departmental and main departmental rolling stock by ultrasound, magnetic particle and eddy current methods by distinct specifications and standards with determination of location and conventional sizes of defects; 
  4. Mechanical tests, metallographic research and chemical analysis of iron samples;
  5. Rendering of reports on scientific research, expert opinions and test reports;
  6. Harmonization of technical documentation on laboratory activities;
  7. Development of programs and test procedures;
  8. Writing of research papers on the subjects within a scope of the laboratory activities.

 Laboratory employees passed certification for qualification level 2 in ultrasound, magnetic particle and eddy-current non-destructive test methods.

Research Laboratory has at its disposal following test facilities:

  • a 2CO test bench for static and fatigue tests of large-size products;
  • hidropulsator machine ЦДM-200 and ПЦ-100 for fatigue test of assembly units and components of railway equipment;
  • test benches for fatigue and static tests of springs;
  • a test bench for static tests of assembly units and components of railway equipment;
  • a test rig for brake components;
  • data collection platform and other facilities for recording and processing of test data;
  • measuring equipment for geometry and weight of assembly units and components of railway equipment.