R&D lab. № 6.5

Research Laboratory for electrical, dynamic, thermotechnical and endurance tests of railway equipment № 6.5

Head of Laboratory № 6.5 is Khozia Pavlo Oleksandrovych

Tel .: (05366) 6-20-43, mob.tel .: 050-441-03-42


Main areas of laboratory activities:

– testing (static strength tests, running and running dynamic strength tests, life time and impact tests, strength tests under load and no-load tests, hydraulic pressure tests for determination of comfort, vibration, noise and infrasound parameters, tests for running stability, track impact tests, thermotechnical and electromagnetic compatibility tests, pull and energy efficiency tests, tests for electrical engineering and micro-computer control systems) of railway rolling stock;

 – experimental research on conformity of transport engineering outputs with regulatory documents;

 – research on test methods and procedures on rail transport equipment; 

– maintanance support for test equipment.


Employees of R&D lab №  6.5 are experienced in:

– testing of freight and passenger mainline and department railway vehicles;

 – development and improvement of methods and means of products testing in the scope of accreditation;

– elaboration of regulatory documents on test methods;

– development and manufacture of new test equipment and devices;

 – examination of technical documentation (specifications, calculations, design documentation, test results) for compliance with regulatory documents.