R&D lab № 4.3

Research laboratory for freight and special rolling stock ((№ 4.3)

Head of the research laboratory is Strynzha Andrii Mykolaiovych

Tel: (05366) 6-13-84, (050) 308-02-08

Principal areas of laboratory activities are:

1 Theoretical and experimental research on design and mastering the production of new and upgraded freight wagons, their assembly units and components for mainline and departmental railway vehicles:

  • development of test programs and procedure;
  • railway cars clearance tests, performance of cars on curves of a short radius, geometry dimensioning, tare weight calculation, service and certification tests of railway vehicles and facilities within a scope of accreditation.
  • Theoretical and experimental research on technical diagnostics of freight wagons, departmental rolling stock and tracked vehicles with expired lifespan.
  • Science and technical evaluation of engineering designs and developments for making a decision on upgrading of the rolling stock and launching into manufacture, preparation of reviews, conclusions and reports.
  • Research activities on development and technical expertise of national and international standards.
  • Normative and research evaluation of the stocked goods assigned to the laboratory at all stages of their development, manufacture, operation and certification.