R&D lab. № 6.3

Research Laboratory for brake systems of railway vehicles № 6.3

Head of the Research Laboratory is Sheleiko Tetiana Volodymyrivna.

Tel: (05366)-6-21-94

Principal directions of laboratory activities:

-research on engineering and implementation of new brake systems into mainline and departmental railway vehicles;

-research and development works, stationary and on-the-run brake tests of the mainline and departmental railway vehicles and certification tests in the accredited field;

– Scientific and technological aid for engineering solutions, implementation of up-to-date test methods;

-harmonization of technical documentation on manufacture and braking equipment and components;

– development of regulatory documents (СОУ МПП, ДСТУ, ДСТУ UIC, UZ-instructions, etc.) on test methods, braking equipment and components;

-research on reliability and performance capability of brake systems.

Since 2011 DP “UkrNDIV” has been in charge of the Interstate technical subcommittee for standartization № 9 (MPK 9 “Brake systems”) incorporated  into Interstate technical committee for standartization № 524 (MTK 524 “Railway transport”).